How to use custom social icons for Twitter, Facebook, Google+

You can configure Huspo Share Buttons to use your own images(icons) for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social networks.

New images will be served from your own webserver, so you will need a (fast) web hosting space to do this.


  • Download original icons.

  • Extract zip file and upload files (including subfolders) to folder on your webserver.

  • Root folder contains small images (16x16 px), /24/ contains medium (24x24 px) images and /32/ contains large (32x32 px) images. Replace some (or all) images with your own. Make sure your new images are 24-bit transparent PNGs with same image dimensions as originals.

  • When you finish, copy URL to your new folder on webserver to "Image folder URL" field @ Social Share Buttons Wizzard.

If you make great looking social icons and you would like to share them with the world, then contact us and we will include them with Hupso Share Buttons.